Here you can download the data sheets for our acoustic materials, including acoustic foam, acoustic barriers, acoustic laminates and other products.

Acoustic foam

AG-Foam B

AG-Foam F

AG-Foam N

AG-Foam N Convoluted

Acoustic barriers

AG-Barrier B – FO12

AG-Barrier T

Acoustic laminates

AG-Lam Lead

AG-Lam Marine

AG-Lam Polymeric

AG-Quilt P

AG-Quilt V

AG-Slab (Single)

AG-Slab (Double)

AG-Damp B

Duct lagging materials

AG-Lag H B-Type

AG-Lag H N-Type

AG-Lag Polymeric SF-Type

AG-Lag Polymeric

AG-Lag Original Polymeric

AG-Lag Original Lead Stitched

AG-Lag Original Lead

Sound isolating flooring

AG-Lay Chip-Type

AG-Lay Triple-Type