Bangor University required new music practice rooms to provide additional space whilst the main University Music Department is redeveloped. Our modular music practice rooms gave them the flexibility to remove and relocate the rooms at a later date, as well as reducing noise levels by 35 – 37dB between the music practice rooms and adjacent corridor areas.

Read the full case study here [PDF]

DSCF5319cs DSCF5320cs DSCF5321cs DSCF5322cs DSCF5323cs DSCF5324cs DSCF5325cs DSCF5327cs DSCF5328cs DSCF5329cs DSCF5330cs DSCF5331cs DSCF5332cs DSCF5333cs DSCF5334cs DSCF5335cs DSCF5336cs DSCF5337cs DSCF5338cs DSCF5339cs DSCF5340cs DSCF5341cs DSCF5342cs DSCF5343cs DSCF5344cs DSCF5318cs

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